Outline of Buddhism, C. H. S. Ward


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1934 1st Edition


C.H.S. Ward
Hardback & Dust Jacket
149 Pages
This book examines the quest for God and the ways in which different religions seek God. It aims to serve as an insight into Buddhism, enabling the reader to have a greater understanding of this fascinating religion and, ultimately, a sympathy and respect for its teachings. Contents Include:
The Sources of Our Knowledge of the Buddha and His Teaching
The Buddha The Birth and Early Life of Gotama Buddha
The ‘Home Leaving’ of Gotama Buddha
The Public Ministry of Gotama Buddha
The Last Words and Death of Gotama Buddha
Buddhist Doctrine: Its Ethics, Psychology and Metaphysics
The Three Universal Truths
The Buddhist Doctrine of Man
Karma and Rebirth, Or the Buddha’s Teaching About the Future Life
The Buddha’s Way of Salvation.
Nirvana: What it is, and How it is To Be Attained
The Order of the Buddha’s Disciples
The Historical Development of Buddhism
Buddhism as a Religion
The Buddha and His Doctrine
Translations From the Buddhist Canon and Other Authoritative Pali Books
Miscellaneous Literature
Index of Names
Index of Subjects


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